I wanted to share with you something that I’m going to be doing that might be of interest to you. I responded to a call from Steph from 3 Hours Past and more recently Cake Patterns and we’ve been going back and forth since yesterday evening for me/afternoon for her. See, she lives in Brisbane, Australia.

She started a pattern company called Cake. Her patterns are intended to be easy to alter, easy to wear garments you can make over and over again. Cake is meant to imply garments that will easily blend into your wardrobe, not stick out like, say my Snow White costume or my 1912 outfit. I love making costumes but I don’t get to wear them whenever I want to- oh, wait. I do. Didn’t I tell you about the time I wore my 1912 outfit to the playground with the kids? But I’m getting side tracked.

In emailing with Steph, we (really, she did it all) came up with a plan for me to be her U.S, Canada and Europe distributor for the pre-sale of cake. We’re just starting and we’re trying this out but this is such a sound idea for Cake. You can read about her frustrations with the shipping of her patterns from the U.S. to Oz. So, the patterns get printed in the U.S, mailed to me for the above mentioned countries and to her for everywhere else. There may be tweaking along the way but this is where we’re starting.

I’ll be sure to post pictures of the envelope stuffing fun I’m about to have. Based on how Steph talks about me on her blog post about her shipping woes, I think people are imagining that I’m going to be stuffing envelopes wearing that Snow White costume. Can’t you see it? Me in one of my costumes stuffing envelopes? Awesome!

I might be mailing your pattern to you very soon. Just have to wait for the shipment to get here and I promise you that Steph is doing everything she can to make sure it happens now. So, tell me, did any of you buy the Tiramisu dress pattern during the pre-sale?