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If you don’t remember who That Dog is, go do some digging. They’re fun. They are a 90s rock band that rocked my world back in the day. 90s rock basically rocks this house. The Hubbinator is also a huge 90s rock guy. So, when he saw my new blouse, my chiffon Violet, he said, “Is your band opening for That Dog?” How could I not pose for the pics like this? This was what I was actually wearing when I tried on my Violet for the first time. I take his comment as a compliment.

I’m wearing a thin black tank underneath my Violet. This is a pattern from Colette that I got a couple of months ago here in town. I like the look. Oh, and these are also my shorts and my new leggings. You know how people complain that sewing bloggers put on make-up and shoes we never wear and stuff…well, this is truly me. It couldn’t be more me. The pencil skirts and other garments that make me look put together? Yeah, that’s me, but a more mainstream looking version of me.

I cut a size 8 for the back and a size 12 for the front grading to an 18 (the largest size) for the length in the front. I was in the mood for trying out ways to skip the FBA and this seemed to work. Also, bear in mind that this blouse is very roomy, so measure the actual pattern before you cut. That way you can decide how fitted you make it. Also, make sure you don’t pull the back too fitted because you really do need to let those gathers hang nicely.

It’s also a boxy blouse, which is why I went for a floaty crinkle chiffon. I got all excited when I read about giving your shifty fabrics a gelatin bath before working with them. I posted this link on how to do the bath everywhere and now that I’ve worked with two different chiffons that had the gelatin bath, I have to say it’s a great idea and a trick I’ll use in the future.

The gelatin made the normally shifty fabric completely manageable. I sewed with a size 9 needle and only really did any crazy pinning on the curved seams. I highly recommend the bath.

For alterations besides the ones I mentioned in the sizes I cut the pattern, I also moved the darts so that they’d be more angly. I don’t like darts that are perpendicular to the floor that hit right at my bust so I angled my bust darts more like french darts, which also helped a tad as waist shaping.

I drafted the leggings from Cal Patch’s directions that you can find here. I love these new leggings. Can’t wait to make another pair.

As for the Violet blouse, all I have to say, is that I’m dedicating this song to you.