Garments as Gifts: For Women

How about making a garment for someone as a gift? First off, don’t make it to measure. I mean, sorta, but if it’s a surprise, I suggest going for something that has ease, uses knit fabrics or perhaps is an accessory instead of a top or skirt. Go for simplicity.

Here are some free patterns and tutorials other people have provided:

Like Colette’s Winter Warmer Cowl.

If you’re set on making a top, why not buy some really nice knit fabric and make a Blank Canvas Tee. You could even make up one of the hacks. I really want to make some of these hacks with a delicious merino.

Can you imagine getting a Maxi dress? You could hand dye it just about any color, or do an ombre look. Just make sure the knit is drapey enough of it’ll look like a stiff sack. Get them a snazzy belt and include it in your special gift box.

You could also surprise them with this vintage shrug.

Remember that handmade can represent luxury either in the sewing details or the fabric you use. Choosing quality fabrics already adds luxury to your gifted handmade items. I know not everyone gets that handmade is a luxury when we have big box stores that sell what we make for much much less than it took us to buy the materials.

If you have a free garment tutorial, add it in the comments.

Are you giving any garmenty gifts? Do you think it’s crazy or doable?

14 thoughts on “Garments as Gifts: For Women

  1. Brooke says:

    I’ve made scarves, hats (ones that don’t have a really specific band size) and aprons as gifts in the past because you only need a basic small/med/large fit. I don’t usually do garments because they can be tricky without a bunch of measurements. (I might be making a makeup brush roll for a friend, but I don’t have plans to make any other gifts this year.)

    I don’t have any garment patterns on my blog (maybe in the future), but pillowcases are always fun and you can be a little crazy with them. Here’s my post about making pillowcases that includes the links to my free patterns with instructions. And they are really easy to mail!

    • Leila says:

      hehe. Yes. Presents are presents. Just make sure you gift wrap it and leave it somewhere at night so you can wake up to your present to yourself. 🙂

  2. Bird and Bicycle says:

    Giving garments as gifts is always tricky. The Ugly Christmas Sweater didn’t start as a joke, bit probably well meaning knitters!

    However, I believe in fostering your own happiness to get yourself through the holiday crazies. Make yourself a gift, then you can keep on giving to others! Fuel yourself with goodwill by being good to yourself first. I just downloaded that awesome looking tshirt pattern and hope to make myself one (or seven) this Winter!

    MaLora Ann

      • Brooke says:

        I wouldn’t say you are crazy – ambitious maybe, but not crazy. =) I only make clothing as a gift if I know someone really wants something. Of course, I rarely even buy clothing as gifts (unless it’s for a kid) because it’s just so hard to pick out for others.

      • Leila says:

        Thanks. That’s true. It does have to be for someone we know well. And thinking of making something that looks awful or that they hate or are embarrassed to wear is a painful thought.

  3. Daniela Rey says:

    I would be so nervous! I think this might be one thing I never dare to do. First I’m not great at crafty work, second, they’ll probably hate it. Too bad though because I think it means so much more when you do it yourself that buying from a store. I find a blance buying from stores like Etsy, at least I know it WAS made with love… Even though not by me 😉

  4. Theresa in Mérida says:

    “Gift certificates” redeemable for a garment for someone who I know would like me to make them something work well. I have something to give them but they are involved in the selection process.

    The granddaughters get made by me stuff all the time, the issue is more finding a way to get the items to them than finding stuff to make them. My daughter made a pinterest board labeled “mom make this” to give me ideas, as our tastes don’t always coincide.

    Hats and stuff made out of polar fleece are good and easy for gifts. I made a bunch one year to send to Veracruz for a ‘project” one of my blogger friends was involved in .
    I love the vintage shrug pattern I have to make one before it gets warm again here.I have a bunch of free patterns pinned to


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