Tiramisu in Solid Navy

I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago and I made it my business to get over to Fishman’s Fabrics. That place is so amazing. I went with the task of finding a knit to make my first Tiramisu dress. I wanted to go with a heavy knit for winter and all I found was a navy double knit. Or at least I think it’s a double knit. It’s thick and has 4 way stretch. I figured if I was going to make an every day dress I should do it right.

This is the Tiramisu dress pattern:


So I went for the solid knit, two things I tend not to buy. I’m not against the knits or the solids. I just thought this combination would leave me a little meh.

After worrying about the fitting and the muslining, I went ahead and muslined the bodice. I used the size 40 for the front bodice piece and the size 35 for the back. Since you’re already drafting your own side seam for the midriff I figured I’d be fine and drew the lines on the midriff front and back to match my front and back sizes and my waist. It’s very easy. I did add 1/2″ to the front bodice piece because I measured and knew I’d need a bit more for the ladies. I knew the knit would help with length by pulling the bodice down but I wanted to add just a bit. I get so aggravated by midriffs that don’t sit right.

The muslin was perfect. I pulled it down a bit to simulate the weight of the skirt and it looked like it was gonna work great.

One thing to think about when choosing your bodice size, even thought Steph labelled them as A, B, C, D she’s really talking about proportions. She doesn’t mean that if you’re an A cup you should go for the A size. When in doubt, just measure the bodice you’re thinking of using. Both width and length and measure yourself to see which one will fit you best. I’d recommend using the one that is closest to the largest measurement. For instance, I went for the 40D (that’s NOT my bra size). Steph has you choosing your size based on your high bust measurement. Do it. The sizing is well done. The knit is forgiving and cutting on the bias is a smart way to accommodate lots of different shapes. Honestly, tho, if you have a doubt, just email Steph. She’s super helpful and she wants us all to be happy with what we make. Check out her Cake website. There’s a ton of info on sizing and stuff you’ll appreciate.

In one morning, I put together my first Tiramisu. Can I just tell you how hard it is to photograph navy? Don’t hate me because of my winter pics. Just before my photos were taken, I took in the sides a bit more and it fits a lot better. Before it was just about 1″ too baggy on each side seam. The construction on this dress makes it easy to make this kind of fix.


I have to admit that when I first finished my Tira, I wasn’t sold on it. It wasn’t a costume. It wasn’t loud. It was great but I was a little hurt. I thought I could sew everyday clothes. Why was I feeling this way?

Then in emails with Steph, she mentioned dressing up everyday dresses with jewelry and I started looking around for stuff I never wear. I found this lovely scarf and of course my mustard yellow tights and light brown booties.

Now I’m so incredibly sold on sewing everyday clothes. I still like the idea of making a costume for a one time event or making something I’ll only wear once in a while but I just made a dress I can wear anywhere and I can match it with all my accessories.

The back.

Tira navy back

Side view and an outlet.

Tira navy side

This is how much I love this dress. I love it more now that I let it hang overnight. It’s one of those things about knits. Even after I added the 1/2″ to the front bodice I thought I’d need to add more but Steph advised against and said it would grow a bit by wearing. It worked. The underbust seam hits perfectly under my bust. This is a huge deal for me!

I also love how the midriff visually lengthens my torso. You all know I love those high waisted pencil skirts and a blouse tucked in to show off how short waisted I am but this is so fun, too.

Tira dress

This is the bright yellow wool crepe I got the other day. I bought it thinking I wanted to try making a Tira in this yellow crepe but I think I’m going to make a drapey jacket to go with my Tira!

Tira with yellow wool crepe

I tried on the sweater below also while wearing my navy Tira and it’s so cute together. So, besides making a crepe jacket I also want a bright green sweater or maybe a hot pink one. ooh, hot pink.

Highly recommend the Tiramisu dress pattern.

from Nordstrom

26 thoughts on “Tiramisu in Solid Navy

  1. katiedmd says:

    It looks fabulous!! The fit is great! I have the same problem with basics. They’re so boring to sew, but I bet you wear the heck out of it.

    • Leila says:

      I know! I probably will wear this dress into the ground and love every minute of it. I love how this dress comes together. It makes it easy to alter. Even if I wasn’t working with chiffon or a shiny costume fabric, I’m still excited to make more of this cake stuff. 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    I love that it’s navy and not black! Navy is so much fun to accessorize – and just think of all the fun little frosting-type accessories you can whip up to go with it! It looks great and I LOVE your mustard tights and scarf with it. =)

    (Grey is another fun black alternative – I have a grey dress that I wear with some of my craziest shoes and belts.)

    • Leila says:

      Brooke, you get me. It’s kinda cool that I can still wear all the frosting I want with this dress. I hadn’t thought of navy for it’s combo appeal with other colors. So true. I was eyeing a magenta merino knit yesterday but maybe I should do another easy to wear/easy to add frosting grey dress. It’s the colors I buy ready made clothes, just not normally what I sew up.

  3. Nicola Denley says:

    I really love the dress. I’ve spent today finishing off two pairs of yoga pants so at the moment I’m concentrating on “every day wear”
    This dress is great and you will wear it and wear it.

    • Leila says:

      Thanks. I’m loving it more and more. It’s the color and fabric of stuff I buy in stores but the quality of the fabric and the fit are things I can’t get in RTW. Enjoy making yoga pants. I love them.

    • Leila says:

      It’s about time I make things I can actually wear every day. You know it’s new for me and I’m embracing it. It’s just so easy to get this dress to fit. I can’t say that enough. It’s like everyday wear was not my thing for several reasons- the biggest being that it took me forever to fit.

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