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Since I can’t blog about all the pretty things I’ve been making for people, and I haven’t taken pictures of myself in this yellow jacket I made, I’ll leave you with this picture. You might have seen it.
Yellow Jacket

I’m really proud of this jacket. It’s one of the best fitting garments I’ve made. I’m so pleased with it that I got the itch to make another jacket. It’s a pattern from Burda magazine. I’ve got it traced and a muslin ready to go.

burda jacket 138

Here’s the line drawing

It is the cutest thing ever. The quick muslin I made tells me I’m going to have to add length to the front but most of the rest should be fine/normal alterations for me.

I tried an unaltered muslin, which I never do, because it’s from the Burda Plus sized section. See, I’m right on the edge of what they consider plus, if you go off of my bust size but by shoulders and waist, I’m still in the straight sizes. I thought I’d give the plus sizes a try to see what they had to offer. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of the front alterations.

I think I’m getting jacket fever. If you ever got jacket fever, what kind of jackets did you make? If not jackets, what’s your fever about these days?