Playing with Paper Dolls and Cake Patterns

Playing with Paper Dolls and Cake Patterns

I’m playing with paper dolls and it’s so fun and addictive. I need more mini brads. More braaaaads! I will later thank my newly found obsession to Steph from Cake Patterns. She’s on her second pattern pre-sale for a lovely wrap top and skirt and she came up with this idea to have a gift for those who purchased the pattern during the pre-sale.

So, in collaboration with Mikhaela Reid, her cover artist, they came up with this articulated paper doll. Isn’t she cute!

The doll also comes with a wrap top and skirt so you can match with your paper doll. I’m loving all of this so much that I even got my kids on board and now they’ve colored in their own Esme dollies.

If you’re curious about this doll and want in on the pre-sale, click on the pic and you’ll go over to Steph’s pinterest where you can find all the links and all the fun.

The new pattern pre-sale ends on December 20th. Go, get it.

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