Must Make: Edwardian Gown

Must Make: Edwardian Gown

Lying in bed feeling tired and like I’m gonna get sick, I started spacing out on pretty dresses online. I started reconsidering going to the Steampunk Masquerade Ball here in town early next year and thought I should start looking into a dress.

This dress is my dress. I think I know how to put it together and I’d start with one of the Sense and Sensibility dress patterns.

Finding the perfect lace would be the trickiest. I wouldn’t go for an exact replica but something similar with the light and dark contrast.

I can have a pretty dress and I have somewhere to wear it. At this point, time and money are the only things stopping me.

Back to resting. Click on the photo to see all the angles and many detail photos.

5 thoughts on “Must Make: Edwardian Gown

  1. Brooke says:

    Oh wow, that lace is GORGEOUS! Finding a beautiful lace always seems to be the hardest part when I need some for a project – they just don’t make it like that anymore and the vintage stuff is fragile and costs a fortune!

    I hope you don’t get sick and get some good rest! I can’t wait to see your adaptation of this dress! =)

    (btw, my husband and I have spent most of today watching Downton Abbey. My in-laws gave me series 1 & 2 for Christmas and I couldn’t get my husband to watch it the first time around, so I’m enjoying it again.)

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