This is THE nicest fabric I’ve worked with ever. I loved using the hot pink raw silk but this wool crepe was just buttery sewing heaven.

yellow jacket front

This is truly what I look like in winter. Fun stuff + wool pants and my snow boots. I don’t think my snow boots come off till April, earlier here in Indiana cos it’s just not as cold as when we lived in Vermont.

yellow jacket back blur

I love how well the back fits on this jacket. I read other reviews on PatternReview that said that the fit was funky, though there are a couple of people who had no problem at all with fit. Check out my review of this jacket. At the end of this post, I’ve copied the alterations from my review.

Here’s a pic of the back in natural light. This is truly the color of the wool crepe. It’s so beautifully bright- perfect for the gloomy winter we’ve been having.

yellow jacket natural light back

side view yellow jacket

yellow jacket natural light

Yellow Jacket outtake

Starting with the size 14 (which I never do- I measure 42″ bust, 34″ waist, 42″ hip) but I have a small back so I always use a smaller size for the back.
1. I added 1.5″ to the sides of the side front instead of doing an FBA.
2. Did 1/4″ SA on the vertical seams, 5/8″ shoulder seams and tapered where needed.
3. Ended up taking 2″ off the length before attaching the peplum. I like drapey but as it was going it was going to look better if it was a little more fitted. or at least I’d like it more. My waist likes showing itself so I’m sure I did it to comply. I know it shows that I’m short waisted and I don’t care. I also know it shows that I’m busty. Everyone knows this. There’s no need to hide it, camouflage or minimize here. I’m fine with how I look.
4. Starting with the size 14 sleeve, I added 1/2″ to the sleeve head and about 1″ to the width. The sleeves are a tad loose but they’re comfortable and not too annoying. I’d rather have drape lines than tight lines.
5. I made small shoulder pads. The shoulders are kinda full but there’s no sign in the pattern about pads. Once I put them in it seemed like the pattern wanted them there. Also, the fashion sketch indicates pads. I highly recommend adding them in.