Top 5 Hits of 2012

I’m joining in on the fun Gillian has started with the Top 5s of 2012.

This year, early in the year, I busied myself with a lot of work on the 1912 Project. I’m ridiculously proud of my work in that area. I learned a lot. But I’ll write about that in my Top 5 Reflections post.

My Top 5 would not be a Top 5 without my Wonder Woman Dress


Another favorite includes several pieces but are all part of my 1912 day costume.Here I’m wearing a corset made from a 1911 pattern, my period slip, my awesome linen blend skirt with soutache braid and blouse with awesome chevron goodness plus my meringue hat.

Titanic costume back view

I made 3 pencil skirts from Gertie’s new book and I use them all the time. I didn’t give them the photographic justice they deserve on the blog but I have given them tons of use. I love them all and just wore the blue wool one when walking around the Chicago ChristKindl Market.

blue wool skirt tee tucked

Next up is my Chiffon Violet blouse, though I will forever call it my That Dog blouse. It’s apparently a favorite of the hubbinator.

chiffonvioletplaying guitar

Last, but not least, my pink boucle shorts! I’m also putting in the Two Zip Hipster that’s in this picture. I use that bag every day and absolutely love the pattern.


But, to be honest, this year has been good to me. I knit a Cromarty sweater that I love and use all the time and I also love my navy blue Tiramisu dress, though the fabric I chose pills like a mofo but i still wear this dress all the time. I can’t go without mentioning my Yellow Jacket. I love that thing.

Coming up next is the misses.

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