Top 5 Inspirations of 2012

I’m inspired by all the sewing everyone is doing. It’s hard sometimes to keep myself on track when I see the wonderful projects all of you have going on. However, I will stick to 5 inspirations.

Stacy from StacySews.

I love how she takes on projects like they’re experiments. She’s afraid of nothing. If she’s curious about something, a fabric, a pattern, a technique, she does it. She makes a ton of stuff. I’d be curious what she deems her Top 5.

Erica B from D.I.Y. Style!

I’m such a huge fan of Erica’s style. I love her color choices and how she pairs stuff up. I would kill to get inside her closet. It’s just amazing what she’s made but the pairings. That’s her gift.

Chris Laverty from Clothes on Film

Reading Chris’ blog, I started seeing costuming in a different light. I was a theater professional before leaving it behind to stay home with kids. I have always enjoyed wearing costumes but seeing how the costumes communicate a lot about mood and character, just to start, I’m learning from Chris.

Erin at Dog Under My Desk

Erin unknowingly gave me back my confidence to make all the things. I’ve used her patterns to make a ton of wristlets and my go to bag is now the two zip hipster all because of her great work. I thought my Amy Butler Weekender was going to be my one and only bag I ever made…until Erin’s patterns. I have her new Day Tripper pattern ready to stitch up…and I’m not afraid at all.

The 1912 Sewing Project

This project started out as a small endeavor and ended up with over 700 participants ready to test sew Titanic era patterns with little to no instructions. I was behind the scenes helping out in a volunteer capacity. I can’t tell you how much not only the patterns but the people in this project have inspired me. There are still a band of us hanging out online, sharing Titanic sewing stuffs as well as other sewing stuff. I am so much more confident about grading and altering patterns and vintage patterns are no longer something I will avoid.

There are seriously a ton of people, blogs, places, smells, what have you that inspire me. I need to also add in some blog love for Jodi at SewFearless who has been cheering me on since I started my blog two years ago. She was one of the first people I didn’t know IRL to comment and tell me she was curious to see how I developed my bloggy home. Hugs Jodi.

Anyone a fan of these top 5 (6) of mine?

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