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I blogged over the summer about my dress inspiration, talking about wanting to make a TNG Troi Skant inspired dress with Colette’s Macaron pattern. Since starting the design process, I’ve gone back and forth on this dress. Do I want it to be the skant uniform? Or just an dress inspired by the skant that I can wear on a normal day.

But first, what’s a skant? It was supposed to be a gender neutral uniform; another way that Roddenberry wanted to show that people in the future were more open minded.

I’m back to thinking I want to make a real skant- maybe a tad longer than the mini skirt skants on the t.v. show, but something that is meant to be recognized as one of the real deals.

In brainstorming this path, I’m looking at these photos I’ve found here:

Worn with pants

So, basically a 60s styling, aka a shift dress. I can’t believe how many 60s dress patterns I own. But I can. Before we left Vermont, a woman who knew I was teaching sewing from my home, and had a lifetime’s worth of sewing patterns, gave me a bunch of them before she set off to relocate in Florida. Very generous, indeed.

I went through them, looking for a center long seam and a high neck and that shift dress basic. I found this vintage Simplicity 7482. Along with the Built by Wendy book I have, I think I was ready to start plotting more specifically how I would colorblock it into a skant.

Besides having a sleeve issue which I think rest and a fresh start tomorrow will fix, everything is going rather well. It’s not a difficult dress to construct. It’s just trying to make sure my dress will look like the costume I’m emulating.

To save myself time, I used one of my dress blocks so I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the fitting stage. I’m using a knit fabric so I knew I’d definitely be okay starting with the size 12 the vintage pattern came in for the back. The front was getting altered using my block. I had to cut the altered pattern apart for the colorblocking and add seam allowances where I had made the cuts.

I’m done for the day but I can see how I should be finishing this one up pretty soon now. I do have more costume plans to kick off the new year. A new corset is on the midwinter list.

Raise your hand if you’re into costuming. What draws you a period in time? What gets you to finish a period garment or costume? A con? A costume party? Where do you go all dressed up in your costume?