Buttoning up my Cape

I made a cape in November 2011 and wore it once with a costume and once to a 50s styled wedding but it didn’t have buttons or buttonholes for that matter and the hem kept rolling up. In reading my lean blog post on the cape, I see that I was having a rough time in my sewing and that my sewing machine was acting up. So glad I have Max now.

After doing some early (way too early) Spring cleaning, I rewarded myself with some sewing. I really wanted to have buttons on the cape and properly press the curved hem. I received a buttonhole cutter set and was really excited to use the cutter. OMG THAT THING IS AMAZING! It really is. I also got a point presser with clapper and used it along with mild heat to press my curved hem into submission. See, the hem had been rolling. This did the trick.

My earlier photo of the cape was on a bed. So sad. Now I offer more pictures. It’s a black cape so I used flash so I could show off the little detail offered.

2012-12-29 17.29.48

2012-12-29 17.25.47

These are from the vintage button basket passed down to me from my husband’s family. It’s really cool that I got all these buttons. I did ask for permission before using any of them.

2012-12-29 17.26.16

2012-12-29 17.30.53

Cutting with the buttonhole cutter was so much smoother than without. I highly recommend it.

2012-12-29 17.26.03

You can still see where the hem is twisted. Believe me, it’s a lot better than it used to be. So sad. Maybe one day I’ll have the energy to take out the hem and redo it. I mean, it’s been two years since I made this and I’m going back to it to add buttons. It’s not unlikely for me to go back two years from now and do a better hem.

The cape is interlined with organic cotton flannel from Heart of Vermont. This is the real deal. So thick and warm and yummy. The lining is from the bolt I got of poly china silk. I would’ve loved to line it in satin. oh, yea.

I have a new idea for the fabric I bought for my Doctor Who coat. I’m making into a cape. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Buttoning up my Cape

    • Leila says:

      Going back after 2 years seemed like the right thing to do. It’s got high end organic cotton flannel in it. On the flip side, I guess this says I also don’t let go, which in some cases isn’t such a nice trait to have. 🙂

      I used to get nervous I’d mess up the cutting open of the buttonholes. this thing made it open up so nicely. I’m super impressed.

  1. Brooke says:

    I love capes! Yours looks really nice – especially with the vintage buttons! My mother-in-law sent me all her button collection a long time ago. I always try to use them first (because so many in the jar are wonderfully vintage), but I have yet to find the right project for any of them.

    I’ve never used a buttonhole cutter. I’m a little surprised that I’ve never even come across one in a costume shop drawer – I’ve seen them pictured and know what they are though. I guess tailor points have always been the preferred tool of others I’ve worked with, but now I’m intrigued and kind of want to try one.

    You will love having your point presser & clapper! I think you have the exact same one I have from amazon – it’s a little smaller than the old ones I’ve seen but that makes it easier to store at home. =)

    • Leila says:

      Those tailor points look like gold in scissor form. Interesting the cutter has never shown up in costume shop drawers. Very interesting. You should try them. They’re not that expensive and the knife is nice and sharp. I wonder if a sharpening stone would work to sharpen it and/or my Ginghers.

    • Leila says:

      thanks. I kinda lapped the collar more than the pattern called for. In making this 2 years ago, I made it for my full bust measurement so, even on a simple cape, the shoulders and neck are kinda huge on me. Lapping the collar made it work.

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