Wristlet Frenzy

Those of you who stalk me on Twitter and Instagram know that I’ve been dealing with a serious case of bag-making-small bag making to start. I started making Erin’s Essential Wristlets and now, after her clear directions and to the point photos, I’m in bag making world. I tried my hand at bag making taking on Amy Butler’s Weekender bag. Geez, what a bad idea. That thing killed my little sewing machine. That sewing machine will never be the same. The tension is so off, I have it normally set to 9 on the top dial. Can we have a moment of silence, please.

I had made a couple of very simple bags that called for no interfacing, fearing the stuff, until I fell in love with Dog Under My Desk patterns. I bought two of her patterns, the Essential Wristlet and the Two Zip Hipster and she made bag making fun for me again. I’ve even bought her new Daytripper bag pattern. I have most of it cut out but I still have other things to work on before I can make something for myself. I even chose Spring colors so I wouldn’t be tempted. Smart, eh? Eh?

First wristlet I made was done from Eccino linen. I love linen for these wristlets. I kinda went overboard showing what “wristie” was doing during the day. You might have caught some of that on IG.

I made a couple of wristies before Christmas. One for my daughter’s birthday, one for my older sister’s birthday and one for a friend on Twitter.



I also got a custom order for wristlets but I had to keep the fabrics a secret because I didn’t want to mess up any Christmas surprises. Then there were my own Christmas surprises. Check out some of the wristlets I’ve made.

2012-11-27 20.34.31 2012-12-04 15.40.39 2012-12-04 21.58.28 2012-12-04 21.59.15 2012-12-04 21.59.54 2012-12-04 22.00.21 2012-12-04 22.11.30 2012-12-05 12.40.12 IMG_20121205_123012 IMG_20121205_123500

This is called too much fun. I hope to make more bags in 2013, including more wristlets. I have some ideas for how to play with the outer fabric, like the yellow and red wristlets at the beginning of this post.

I forgot to add more of the wristlets. Here is a larger wristlet made of Cake Patterns print kit, one I made for my Gram, one I made to match a baby carrier I sold, and the one that began my obsession with this pattern- my Echino linen typewriter one.

Anyone in love with wristlets?

20 thoughts on “Wristlet Frenzy

  1. CostumeDeeva says:

    I made the weekender for my daughter last Christmas…. and I understand you completely. I was sewing that bag until late Christmas Eve, literally in tears, with my hubby holding and twisting the fabric with me as I tried to get it to feed correctly. But it did come out gorgeous. I absolutely LOVE your color choice.

    • Leila says:

      I wish I they had better instructions. I want to try other big bag patterns to see if it’s just the instructions or what. Your daughter must have loved her bag! It really is a nice one now that it’s done. 🙂

    • Leila says:

      I have this book on manipulating fabric. I want to keep making them out of garment fabrics and playing with texture like the red and yellow ones. I’m more of a texture person instead of print anyway. Do it. They’re nice to make when you can’t think of something to make. perfect in between project and great for gifts. Geez, sounds like I work for the company. hehe

      • sewbusylizzy says:

        That’s what I’m thinking – perfect for gifts. I made some bow clutch bags for my daughters’ friends and they all adored them. These are even nicer – I love the pleated textured ones, they are my favourites.

    • Leila says:

      Thank you. I’ve got all these ideas on how to manipulate the fabric and why not experiment and make a wristlet while I’m there. They are addictive. I’ve been carrying mine as a wallet, inside my purse. But I get that it’s not the size for everyone. I gave them as Christmas presents and everyone seemed to like them.

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