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Those of you who stalk me on Twitter and Instagram know that I’ve been dealing with a serious case of bag-making-small bag making to start. I started making Erin’s Essential Wristlets and now, after her clear directions and to the point photos, I’m in bag making world. I tried my hand at bag making taking on Amy Butler’s Weekender bag. Geez, what a bad idea. That thing killed my little sewing machine. That sewing machine will never be the same. The tension is so off, I have it normally set to 9 on the top dial. Can we have a moment of silence, please.

I had made a couple of very simple bags that called for no interfacing, fearing the stuff, until I fell in love with Dog Under My Desk patterns. I bought two of her patterns, the Essential Wristlet and the Two Zip Hipster and she made bag making fun for me again. I’ve even bought her new Daytripper bag pattern. I have most of it cut out but I still have other things to work on before I can make something for myself. I even chose Spring colors so I wouldn’t be tempted. Smart, eh? Eh?

First wristlet I made was done from Eccino linen. I love linen for these wristlets. I kinda went overboard showing what “wristie” was doing during the day. You might have caught some of that on IG.

I made a couple of wristies before Christmas. One for my daughter’s birthday, one for my older sister’s birthday and one for a friend on Twitter.



I also got a custom order for wristlets but I had to keep the fabrics a secret because I didn’t want to mess up any Christmas surprises. Then there were my own Christmas surprises. Check out some of the wristlets I’ve made.

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This is called too much fun. I hope to make more bags in 2013, including more wristlets. I have some ideas for how to play with the outer fabric, like the yellow and red wristlets at the beginning of this post.

I forgot to add more of the wristlets. Here is a larger wristlet made of Cake Patterns print kit, one I made for my Gram, one I made to match a baby carrier I sold, and the one that began my obsession with this pattern- my Echino linen typewriter one.

Anyone in love with wristlets?