Twitter is what you make of it and yesterday we made some noise. It may seem small to some but all that matters is that we’re having fun. Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow started daring a couple of people to sew something out of their comfort zone (but within their interest) and all of a sudden we had more people asking to be dared. Dares come in different shapes and rates and they’re only meant to be for fun. That’s the only rule. Well, no. There’s more.

Here are the official Sewing Dare Rules: 

  1. Have fun. Stop if it is not fun.
  2. There is no rush – Do your dare whenever you want!
  3. Did I mention to have fun?

So, 3 rules. Sorta.

If you want to be dared, connect up here or on twitter and any one of us can dare you to something. Again, it’s only supposed to be for fun so you can always call it quits. This is really just a good way to get to know one another. And you can always ask for a different dare or modify it, as I did.

My dare:

Use a pattern more than once

I did make the pencil skirt 3 times but I’m not one to often repeat a pattern. Even on something I really like. So this was an attainable reach for me. Use a pattern more than once. Just once. See how easy this can be?

To start, I’m actually cutting my fabric for my Victorian Ballgown and I’m using a pattern I’ve used before. I’m tweaking it but still same pattern. Yay for dares!

Join in. Comment and I’ll go through your blog to find a gap in the stuff you make and offer a dare. Once you like your dare, we can add your name to Gillian’s list on her blog. Go over there now and check out the other dares.