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I bought Ohhh Lulu’s high waist pants pattern and made a pair. It’s a pair, right? Cos of the two legs going in? I don’t know. English gets me doubting sometimes.

So, now I’ve challenged myself to join in the Jungle January that Pretty Grievances is having on her blog. I don’t know that I can start sewing with prints yet but I think I’m getting there. To start, I’ll make another pair of the Ohhh Lulu pants in a jungle print.

This is what the pattern looks like

Now, to choose jungly prints…

I swung by The French Seam to see what they had and found some more subtler jungle prints, which were easier for me to reach for, being the solid color sewing gal that I am.

Here’s what I got, and I swear this first one is a stretch for me and I didn’t use flash, it was just the reflection from the sunshine and 50 degree weather… in JANUARY!! Anyway, I almost went for the same but with a burgundy background but I thought, hey, I’m making something only I will see, I can get out of my comfort zone. This is why I’m even doing Jungle January.

2013-01-12 13.14.472013-01-12 13.14.22

Here I go. ROAR! Plus, I’m also going to be using the same pattern more than once, so it’s kind of also part of my #sewingdare to reuse a pattern. I was going to do it with a knit top but changed my mind.