I was recently organizing my sewing closet. I switched from folded and stacked fabric to rolled and easily visible fabric, still in tubs. It’s so pleasant to go into the closet now.

I’m not here today to show you pics of my organized stash. See, I also found old photos.


This is a 6 or 7 year old me on a trip to the United States, and I’m guessing Disneyland.


This is a 15 year old me, recently arrived in the U.S. and starting 10th grade. The school I went to didn’t recognize my 9th grade records from Colombia but luckily we moved schools so it became a non issue.


College me visiting Colombia in 1998 with the shortest hair I’ve ever donned. My long time friend Kendra and a young girl- I don’t recall her name.


Back in college. Me, on the left, in a production of The Skin of Our Teeth.


Playing a dead girl who danced traditional Mexican zapateado at Teatro Milagro in Portland, OR. Worked there for about a year before the Hubbinator and I got married and moved to Chicago.

There were a lot of pictures of my touring days with Tears of Joy puppet theater. Oh, the days before digital photography, how I miss you. Well, not really. I’m happy with digital cameras.

Hope you enjoyed this blast into my past.