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I’ve sewn a pattern twice. I mean I love making and re-making wristlets but clothing…clothing was a different beast. I usually make costumes or dresses that have a specific purpose, not just to be worn, if that makes sense. So, I got my sewing dare to be a repeat pattern user.

My first Tiramisu dress was okay. I mean, I went for subtle, but this second dress was going to be different. I wanted to go for something else. Finding the perfect fabric wasn’t happening. Then I saw a double sided jersey at JoAnn of all places. I feels super soft in the store and after two washings. Be forewarned, it shrinks like nobody’s business. I bought 2.5 yards and after the two washes in cold water, it shrunk to 2 yards. That’s some serious shrinkage. I wonder if it’s gonna shrink more. Guess I’ll have to see.

The fabric is a polka dot on one side and a stripe on the other. I just used one side for the bodice and the other side for the skirt. I wonder what it would look like reversed.

I had to wear some sort of covering cos it’s still winter and still pretty cold, even for a 40 degree F day. I have some wedges I’m gonna wear with this dress in Spring and Summer.

red tira front with hatred tira angle red tira back viewΒ  red tira no sweater red tira pointing red tira sitting

What do you think?

You can get the pattern from Etsy or even download it and print at home from Craftsy.