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My third Tira. I couldn’t have picked a better fabric. I went to The French Seam here in town, and I saw the softest, most beautiful knit. Courtney told me that it was cotton/silk (yeah, it’s all silk)- no wonder I loved it so much, and that high end dresses are made from this very fabric. Basically, she knows how to sell me on fabric. (psst, it doesn’t take much- just touch it)

I made a change in the pattern size and while I think the dress still fits and works for me, I’m gonna keep in mind what I did for the next one. For my navy Tira, I used the size 40D for the front and a 35 for the back- trueing the shoulders to match the front. For this Tira, I used the 35D for the front, 35 for the back. I think the 40D is a better fit for the front but I still love this dress. All my skirts have been cut 35s and this one is unhemmed.

I love this dress so much, I went to the trouble of putting on a show for you. I hope you enjoy.

“oh, hello? Why yes, of course you can come over.”

silk cotton tira vintage pose

“I’ll put the coffee on. I’m thrilled I get to see you.”

silk cotton tira coffee

“You are a doll.”

Silk cotton tira phonecall

“I should bake something…”

silk cotton tira back view

“I wonder how this contraption works.”

silk cotton tira with oven

“My darling friend brought me this.”

silk cotton tira doll