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Stardate 43133.3

Permission to come aboard, sir. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. You won’t be disappointed.

blue skant front

Episode 2:

Where is everyone? I’ve been calling for ages. It must be an ionosphere.

TNG skant combadge

What was that? I heard something scurrying over there in the corner. Captain, can you hear me? Anyone!

TNG skant in action

That light. It’s so mesmerizing.

[from the Enterprise] (corrupted signal): Ensign, don’t go into the light. Don’t grab [hiss] time…

TNG skant back

outtakes TNG skant

Leila was beamed up just in time! What was following her is still unknown.


Next post about my skant will be more detailed sewing stuff so you can make your own.

TNG skant I has Combadge

Whatcha think?