Ohhh Lulu! in brief

I got my hands on the Ohhh Lulu high waist panty pattern and went to town. I have all these high waist skirts and have been wearing them with modern low cuts.

In costuming, you really need to have the appropriate undergarments to get the look and I was getting tired of the underwear line I’d get sometimes along my stomach. These high waisted undies are perfect. I kinda feel like I’m wearing pajamas. The most comfortable pajamas. Likewise, it feels like I’m not wearing nothing at all.

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you might have Flanders’ voice saying: It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all…nothing at all… nothing at all.

A mom in town was getting rid of her sewing stuff (I know! score!) and she gave me two tubs of her fabric scraps (some bigger than others) and a bunch of misc. stuff. Like this fold over elastic (FOE). It’s light blue bubbles on a brown background. It’s super wide, too. Especially compared to the FOE I bought.

This was my muslin so I just used materials I had on hand. The front and back panels are the poly charmeuse from my Go To Cape. The side panels are a weird feeling but still functioning knit. Crotch lining is from a white cotton knit I’ve got. This piece needs to be cotton.


and pretty bow.



I graded the pattern since it was sized a tiny bit too small for me. I wanted the front and back panels to stay intact and only added an inch to the the back side seam, all the way from waist to the hip edge. That’s the only change I made and I stitched them up with 1/2″ seam allowances except the crotch lining which is supposed to be 1/4″ SA.

Then, I went stash diving! I was so excited. I had enough scraps from the one shoulder knit top I made when I was playing with cutting a smaller back. I found this black knit as well as some lace elastic that worked nicely together with the lace knit print. I’m so thankful for the hand-me-down sewing materials I’ve received in the short years I’ve been sewing.


I also had white FOE from my mom buddy and this cuuute sheepy cotton knit. I had enough for one pair. You can see on the right some of that silk knit I bought in red for my Tiramisu dress. I bought a half yard in the violet-blue. Of course, working with it made me want to go back for the reddish pink one.

I ended up not having enough for the silk knit pair, so I just shortened the top of the pattern by 2″. They now sit on my natural waist, instead of being above it. Yeah, these are HIGH.


Then, came the matter of this awesome knit that was as close to a jungly print I could find at my fave shop. I do think it’s got me excited to try an animal print. Oh, yeah, Jungle January is working!

But I didn’t have the right kind of FOE so I bought some from Elastic By The Yard. Gillian tweeted that she bought hers from there and I’m thankful for the legwork  so I could just give the Etsy seller my money and sit by the door to wait for my purchase. Sometimes too many options make me stall. So, thanks Gillian!

Here’s my Jungle January panties!

Jungle January high waist panty

Don’t scare this animal of plumage so sparkly it emanates radio waves. They scare easily. Aka: Underwear on mine head.

panties in the wild

Find Ohhh Lulu’s blog and get some serious inspiration and tips, like where to find fold over elastic.

23 thoughts on “Ohhh Lulu! in brief

    • Leila says:

      Got it at JoAnn of all places. That place feels like a second hand bookstore. You have to go thru EVERYTHING to find the cool stuff. For instance, I like the new stuff they have right now…they call it like resort or something.

    • Leila says:

      Lol! I call them granny panties, too. I could call them shorts cos it’s pretty close. They are fun and fast to make and Ohhh Lulu has other patterns…

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