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The Hubbinator often remarks at how quickly I pull a dress or blouse of whatnot together but what he never sees is the planning that goes into what I make. I don’t always draw sketches but a lot of times I do.

I’ve often talked about using my croquis sketchpad. I got it at an art supply store called Blick and now the French Seam has them in town- or usually does.



I also like to sketch on the go on my phone. I use SketchBook X for Android but it’s also available for other platforms. This would be great if I had a tablet but honestly, it works for a quick sketch. Some of them I share, some I leave to myself but it’s easy to draw and then export so you can easily share on your smart phone. Drawing with my finger is not easy but it’s getting easier.


Threads put up a PDF you can download of a family of croquis. I’ve printed these and used them as a base for a thought.

Lauren put up a Gimp (open source Photoshop-like program) tutorial about a year ago on how to take a picture of yourself and create a croqui. But you can always follow what Sara talks about in the Colette Handbook. You basically take a photo of yourself and trace the outline. Could you do this on your computer screen? You could also print a black and white photo to trace.

If digital manipulation is your thing or you’re curious about it, check out Mikhaela’s video tutorital. She’s fast and already good at what she does so just watch it a bunch of times. For those who don’t know, Mikhaela does the artwork for Cake Patterns.

While I get that using a croqui of a fashion sketch doesn’t show you what you’ll look like, I still like using my notebook (the first link). I did a bunch of sketching on a petite plus croqui I found online, and can’t seem to locate now. Here’s an old post so you can see how it worked.

What do you do? Or perhaps you can see what you want clearly in your head and you don’t feel the need for drawing? Anyone tell themselves they aren’t good at drawing? I used to say that of myself, too. Having kids has taught me to stop the negative banter about what I’m good at and what I’m not good at and just have fun with it all.