Wardrobe Replacements

I’m not talking about doppelgangers. I mean taking those loved items from my wardrobe that for some reason or another I just can’t let go of and studying them to see what it is about them that I love and conversely why I don’t wear them.

First player:

The Hubbinator’s blue and brown plaid button-down flannel.blue plaid men's flannel

Reasons I can’t let go:

1. I wore this flannel a lot when I was postpartum with my first baby. I swear I can still smell baby on the flannel.

2. Flannel, so yummy.

Reasons I don’t wear it:

1-10. Fit. Look at it.

Second player:

teal striped long sleeve tee

Reasons I’m hanging on:

1. Love the colors.

2. Stripes!

3. Sleeves are extra long. I like that.

Why I don’t wear it:

It’s got holes front and center. Could put a patch on it but I’m not a patch girl.

Third player:

burgundy linen top

Reasons I don’t wear it:

1. Fit is off. The back is baggy and I hate baggy backs. I can’t take it in anywhere because it wouldn’t fit.

2. It’s a tad too short and I might even like short sleeves on this.

Why I can’t get rid of it:

I love linen!

I love burgundy!

Fourth and last player:

pink long sleeve tee

Why I don’t wear it:

1. I just doesn’t fit anymore. I used to wear a lot smaller t-shirts and I’m just not that thrilled to wear this one as a fitted tee.

Why I love it:

1. The soft pink knit is delish.

2. I like where the long sleeves hit.

What do I do now? Well, I’m hoping to take the elements of what I liked about each top and make it with these changes. I figure I can get the Renfrew pattern for the long sleeve t-shirts. I might try making a burgundy linen top using Steph’s Blank Canvas tee pattern which I’ve used before. I’d just want to add a side zipper? I’m just left with the button-down. I do have a pattern for a fitted button-down in PatternMaker.

The hunt for fabric is next.

What do you do with those garments you just can’t get rid of? Any special February plans?

12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Replacements

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Well, to be honest I don’t really hang on to things I don’t wear regularly. That said I have a lot of Frosting evening wear sort of things that I will probably never get rid of even if they only get worn for 6 hours every 3 years. It’s funny because the more I sew and get on in years the more I’m happy to have a closet full of impractical me-mades. They make me feel good!

    • Leila says:

      I love impractical clothes. You’ve seen my costumes. 🙂 I agree. They make me feel good, too. I’m at this crossroads where I’ve started making more RTW-like clothes, which is weird, but I’m also wearing the makes a lot so it feels good.

  2. Brooke says:

    I think I’m like you, when I hang onto something it’s because of the fabric/color. I usually try to find similar fabric and then I get rid of the one I don’t use. Eventually, I do end up adding things to the donation pile whether I’ve found a replacement or not – moving a lot as a kid made me a little less sentimental and I occasionally go through purging stages.

    I do hang on to a lot of costume/fancy pieces like Tia Dia though. =)

    • Leila says:

      We moved a lot when I was growing up, too. Also, living in a climate with no extreme cold to hot, I had a couple of shirts and pants that I used all year round until they were replaced by similar items that would serve similar duties. Wow! Your comment helped me remember that.

  3. sewbusylizzy says:

    I do hang onto old favourites. Funnily enough I just posted on my blog a bunch of cushions I made from my husband’s old shirts that I couldn’t bear to throw out 🙂 that flannel would make an excellent cushion & you would use it every day!

  4. Pella says:

    Guilty as charged here. I have piles of clothes which I can’t part with but don’t wear because something is not quite right. Good idea to do an inventory.

  5. smittenness says:

    I hang onto things for ages, which is surprising considering how often (and how far) I’ve moved around. Trying to make this the year of “if it doesn’t fit and doesn’t make me feel good, it’s getting donated!”

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