I’m not talking about doppelgangers. I mean taking those loved items from my wardrobe that for some reason or another I just can’t let go of and studying them to see what it is about them that I love and conversely why I don’t wear them.

First player:

The Hubbinator’s blue and brown plaid button-down flannel.blue plaid men's flannel

Reasons I can’t let go:

1. I wore this flannel a lot when I was postpartum with my first baby. I swear I can still smell baby on the flannel.

2. Flannel, so yummy.

Reasons I don’t wear it:

1-10. Fit. Look at it.

Second player:

teal striped long sleeve tee

Reasons I’m hanging on:

1. Love the colors.

2. Stripes!

3. Sleeves are extra long. I like that.

Why I don’t wear it:

It’s got holes front and center. Could put a patch on it but I’m not a patch girl.

Third player:

burgundy linen top

Reasons I don’t wear it:

1. Fit is off. The back is baggy and I hate baggy backs. I can’t take it in anywhere because it wouldn’t fit.

2. It’s a tad too short and I might even like short sleeves on this.

Why I can’t get rid of it:

I love linen!

I love burgundy!

Fourth and last player:

pink long sleeve tee

Why I don’t wear it:

1. I just doesn’t fit anymore. I used to wear a lot smaller t-shirts and I’m just not that thrilled to wear this one as a fitted tee.

Why I love it:

1. The soft pink knit is delish.

2. I like where the long sleeves hit.

What do I do now? Well, I’m hoping to take the elements of what I liked about each top and make it with these changes. I figure I can get the Renfrew pattern for the long sleeve t-shirts. I might try making a burgundy linen top using Steph’s Blank Canvas tee pattern which I’ve used before. I’d just want to add a side zipper? I’m just left with the button-down. I do have a pattern for a fitted button-down in PatternMaker.

The hunt for fabric is next.

What do you do with those garments you just can’t get rid of? Any special February plans?