I have had a rockin start to 2013. All the sewing I’ve done sure has kept January from being full of Meh.

There were Sewing Dares, Jungle January, my Star Trek TNG skant and my costume for the Victorian Masquerade Ball, among others.

Now I’m ready for small sewing, sewing presents and in general sewing for others.

I have a list of things I want to make for others and I have all the fabric picked out.

But first, I’m taking a little break from sewing all the things. I’m not putting any restrictions on this break. I’m just kickin it. Sitting on my hands. Resting.

I’ll probably be sketching and eyeballing etsy for lace. So many fun projects to work on.

What do you do to ensure you rest when you need it? Or do you push until total collapse? What do you think it would take to increase your sewing endurance?

*see what happens when I’m “resting”?*