Six Degrees of Seattle Fabric Shopping

The Hubbinator went to Seattle for a Librarian conference and while he was there he zipped over to Pacific Fabrics to see what he could pick up for me. The kids picked out their patterns and made fabric requests, so he wasn’t going in blind. He had a mission. Here’s what he got: Pink linen for shorts for the girl



A brown wool suiting for a jacket for the boy



And what I’m guessing, thanks to Brooke, might be an organdy.


What do I make with 2.5 yards of this fabric? I’ve got a whole month to decide since this month is sewing for others month. There’s a lot to tackle so I’ll be dangling me projects in front of myself so I get everything else done. Are you sewing for others this month? I know not everyone enjoys sewing for others, are you one? Or do you have a hard time finding time to sew for yourself. Also, how do you get yourself to finish projects when you really just want to be distracted by a new project?

15 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Seattle Fabric Shopping

  1. gmariesews says:

    Beautiful fabrics. You could probably sew up the fabrics for the kids right away, right? They are others? I don’t mind sewing for others when it’s my idea, but when asked or paid to do something – sucks the joy right our of it. g

  2. sewexhausted says:

    Oh – I agree with g! I have lots of joyless sewing right now- still immersed in dance studio costumes. :/ And I just recently started sewing for myself after all these years! And found I LOVE it- so it is ALL I want to do! That organdy would make a pretty party dress!

  3. vivjm says:

    I’m like gmariesews – I like making things for others when it’s my idea, but don’t like making things if I’m asked to! I prefer to surprise people with it :-). Lovely fabrics – look forward to seeing your makes.

  4. Betsy says:

    I can see that organdy as an off the shoulder summer blouse, big floppy ruffled collar, sort of an unfitted top, worn outside, hem just below the waist, LIke a Gypsy blouse. It could be tucked in, too. I’d Wear it with navy linen pants, or a pique flouncy skirt. It would also make a cute child’s pinafore—but 2 1/2 yards doesn’t allow a lot fo fullness.

  5. laurahoj says:

    I love the fabric and jacket pattern! Can’t wait to see it completed. I love sewing for others, but don’t like to sew for money at all. Something about deadlines just kills my mojo. I’d say I’ve sewn for others more than myself in adulthood- most of it was gifts.

    • Leila says:

      I actually do like sewing for money. I like making stuff that I would never choose for myself. So, with the boy’s jacket I hope the fabric I have will work. It’s a drapey suiting…not sure but I also don’t want to buy more fabric.

      • laurahoj says:

        I made a Oliver + S coat for a friend’s daughter using a tropical wool. It was light and drapey, so I underlined it with muslin. It helped to beef it up a bit. You could even underline it with something a bit heaver, I bet. I think I don’t like sewing for money because I don’t think I’m good enough to charge much. I need to get over that, because I’m better than I think I am!!

      • Leila says:

        I was thinking of doing that. On selling: you are worth more than you think. That said, I should charge more than I do and I keep swearing I will.

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