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I had to make this one. I’m a big fan of the T.V. show GRIMM and this character, Monroe, who has a secret. He’s reformed, you see. He’s a good guy. He lives alone, doesn’t bother anyone, wears plaid shirts and cozy knit sweaters…


He helps the main character of the show, who has the ability to see … things… like what Monroe really is…


He’s actually a Blutbad, or a wolf-like creature and the basis of The Little Red Riding Hood.


You can see why I had to line my Monroe Wristlet with faux fur. I had to. I almost fear that the person getting this gift might get their hand bitten by the zipper teeth. Aw, yeah. Yes I did just do that there. Corny jokes are fun cos they’re corny.

Here’s the endearing clockmaker, Monroe

Monroe most often wearing plaid

Monroe transformed into a Blutbad
click pic to go to Grimm wikia and lose a few hours

Thanks to MaLora Ann for gifting me the Little Red Riding hood Kokka. It worked perfectly for this shoot.