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The hubbinator’s family lives in Chicagoland so a trip up there isn’t new. Periodically, we coordinate things so I can visit the city alone, in a mini vacation sort of way.

That’s exactly what I went for this past weekend. Some of you might have seen my IG and Twitter feeds aflutter with Chicago this and Chicago that. I didn’t tweet food, so… you’re welcome.

I met up with a long time costumer friend as well as Mari Miller from Disparate Disciplines and we went to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, just north of the city.

Here’s what I saw. I didn’t buy it all but it got me thinking about a bunch of projects out of my normal fabric repertoire.

The first thing I saw and the first thing I bought. I’m slowly compiling the necessary materials for my Titanic gown

I should’ve bought wool jersey, even if I stash it for next winter but I just couldn’t. I really want to sew for Spring and Summer now.

I had to play with this mesh a bit as a reminder that I’m making a friend a costume that will need this stuff so she can still wear a bra.

What could this fabric be? See, at Vogue a lot of the rolls only say “Assorted Fibers” or something like that. The 100% of anything are clearly marked but the mixed stuff isn’t always. You basically have to touch everything. Poor me.

I tried to fall in love with some of these prints. I swear I did try. I’m a solids girl.

Mari fondling the stretch laces. So many here and on another wall there were a ton of FOE and lingerie elastic. So pretty. Didn’t get any.

Gorgeous ribbon I have no current use for.

I wish I had grabbed even a yard of these ruffle knits. Maybe next time.

So, what did I get? To stay focused and use my funds wisely, I always carry with me a list. I have a notes app on my phone where I list the things I really want and am searching for.

I believe these are rayons. Anyway, I got this pink knit for my girl and the blue is for me and one of my upcoming costumes.

These are gonna be for my Titanic evening gown.

More lace for my Titanic gown

Ok. So, cool ruffle knits I don’t grab, but this I can’t leave without? I know what kind of person I am. A dreamer.

So, that was part of my trip to Chicago. I have a couple of fun things I’m gonna do here on the blog. I hope you like them all.

I do wonder, how do you keep yourself from buying the whole store when you go fabric shopping? Do you buy fabric first, then pattern? Chicken and egg kind of stuff. I’m always curious how other people buy fabric. I always go for something I’ve been meaning to buy and I use my list and work my way through it, always adding to it, of course. How do you shop for fabric?