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I’ve been working, pacing myself on this mini Trench, aka the Oliver + S pattern I got a couple of weeks ago. It’s going well, as you’ve noticed on Twitter and IG. I’ve rushed a couple of projects lately, specifically the Victorian ballgown, and I’m regretting it. I actually want to take the bodice apart and add an underlining to the outer shell. It needed more… anyway.

I’m trying to have the mindset that I do it right the first time.

There have been too many times that I pace in my sewing lair, knowing what I should do, but either not having the know-how to do it right or just thinking it’ll work out fine if I cut corners. Yup. I said it. I’m prey to cutting corners. This is exactly why I’m trying to reprogram myself to do it the way I know I should.

My word for the new year is precision. I’m enjoying doing things with precision on the mini Trench. It feels good to pick stitches to get the pattern lined up and spend more time carefully pressing this tropical suiting.

When I wanted to learn how to knit an adult sized sweater, I practiced by making a bunch of baby sweaters- good thing I had family and friends with babies on the way. Once I understood the basic construction, I made a sweater for myself. It was all stocking stitch and while I’d never do that to myself again (or moss stitch- man my hands cramped for days after), it was a start.

The mini Trench is a start in making jackets the way they need to be made. No short-cuts…well, unless you call fusible interfacing a short-cut. One step at a time. Right?