As each of you commented telling me you wanted a pattern, I took note. A literal note. I made a list. Oh, lists are so fun. Paper or electronic. I’ll take them all. So, I wrote down your names next to a number and put a second number down if you were following my blog. Old fashioned, I guess. I turned to the random number generator for the winner and got #28 which coincided with


I’ve contacted CarlaF and she’ll be getting her Tiramisu knit dress pattern in the mail shortly.

Something I never thought to do was ask if there was any theme, specific or general, that you are interested in me delving into. Is there a topic I’ve scraped the surface of that you’d like to hear more about? Is there a particular alteration you’ve seen me do that you’d like a tutorial for? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Congrats again to CarlaF! Looking forward to seeing your Tiramisu dress!