Tiramisu Pattern Winner Announced & Asking for Ideas

As each of you commented telling me you wanted a pattern, I took note. A literal note. I made a list. Oh, lists are so fun. Paper or electronic. I’ll take them all. So, I wrote down your names next to a number and put a second number down if you were following my blog. Old fashioned, I guess. I turned to the random number generator for the winner and got #28 which coincided with


I’ve contacted CarlaF and she’ll be getting her Tiramisu knit dress pattern in the mail shortly.

Something I never thought to do was ask if there was any theme, specific or general, that you are interested in me delving into. Is there a topic I’ve scraped the surface of that you’d like to hear more about? Is there a particular alteration you’ve seen me do that you’d like a tutorial for? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Congrats again to CarlaF! Looking forward to seeing your Tiramisu dress!

2 thoughts on “Tiramisu Pattern Winner Announced & Asking for Ideas

  1. Brooke says:

    Congratulations to Carla!

    I always enjoy your geeky posts. And I love seeing how you alter your patterns and tweak your mockups to fit you – I have such different fit issues that it’s interesting to see how you do things and learn along with you. And you inspire me to do some of my own projects. (You are part of reason I’m working on my current little sewing thing – just wait ’til you see! *grin*)

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