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Tempest Devyne is having a Bowie Sewalong and her hosting skills are impressive. She’s got everything from fact to music to a paperdoll! For the month of March, she’s inspiring us to sew Bowie-esque…well, just about anything. Anything that screams Bowie to you, or in the cake of my t-shirt, it probably just whispers.

I started with StephC’s Blank Canvas Tee pattern, which I’ve used before, and an 80s pattern from within the cracks of my pattern stash. It must have been all that Bowie I’ve been taking in cos I wanted an 80s t-shirt. I wasn’t about to cut into my vintage 80s pattern …hahahaha…no, I didn’t want to bother with fitting so I took the BCT and make a fresh copy to chop up into this divine memory piece.


I ignored everything but the V and I even made it easier on myself and gave the whole front and center seam, even up to the neckline. It was a fun exercise. It’s a totally tame Bowie tee but hey, I’m warming up.

Bowie inspired closeup

I’m pulling the t-shirt down cos there’s this stupid bubble in the center seam. The one seam I didn’t apply steam-a-seam to and of course, it bubbles.

Bowie inspired back

Bowie inspired snooty robot

I’m a dork. That’s all that needs to be said.

I know it’s not fitted as much as it could be and the back needs a little adjusting but this was a quick project and I honestly forgot to make the back fix from the last time I used this pattern. Enough of me defending this t-shirt.

Anyone else have Bowie memories? Favorite song?