Houndstooth Tira Top aka The Peplum Puppy

I’ve recently finished the Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench Coat for my little boy which took a lot of concentration so I was overdue for something quick. The lovely and talented Andrea from Go To Patterns sent me this houndstooth knit during a trip to the L.A. for fabric shopping. She went all out and held a live shopping giveaway. Thanks so so much, Andrea! I made my Bowie inspired t-shirt after the Peplum Puppy and just had to include some houndstooth in that tee.

I’m also posting this top after my Manipulate Darts, Not People post to make a point. I said in that post that I don’t like underbust gathers. However, there will always be an exception to any rule, right? The Tiramisu bodice is one that has underbust gathers and if you’ve seen my other Tiramisu dresses, you’ll have noticed that these gathers are still flattering. So, this is a case where I would use underbust gathers even though in most cases I wouldn’t.

Why a top instead of a dress? I messed up in the cutting stages. I should’ve cut the hounstooth one skirt piece at a time to line up the print or just cut on the fold. I was silly. I cut when I was feeling really sick. A long skirt was botched but at least I could do a peplum. The front of the peplum is cut as an a-line skirt…does that still make it a peplum?

Houndstooth Tiramisu top

Dreaming of warm weather!

Why black and white photos? Honestly, I don’t feel like braving any amount of cold anymore. I’m tired of winter weather and we’re only getting more today. I went over the top with the black and white look.

Houndstooth tira top 2

Surprise! Whole thing is houndstooth! And, yes, I did match up the print for the back bodice piece. If you look closely, you can see a black zig zag doing down the center back. I folded over one center back seam and lay it on top of the other center back seam so I would line up the hounstooth just right. The only part that isn’t perfect is toward the bottom of the bodice, near the midriff.

The skirt in the back was cut on one piece and on the bias.

Houndstooth Tira top back

Houndstooth Tira Top with sweater

With one of my favorite black sweaters.

I’ve been making some reconstructed fleece tops for a column I’m starting on Hourglassy’s site. First post should be up today so go check it out.

Peplum puppy your thing? This is the first time I’ve made anything out of houndstooth and I like it. The matching up was tricky but not impossible. Just make sure you have extra fabric. I’m currently cutting out a Pavlova skirt and top. I don’t think I can wait for the sewalong.

10 thoughts on “Houndstooth Tira Top aka The Peplum Puppy

  1. geebeew says:

    J’adore! I like it a lot! (Ok, I want my own. Bad!) I think the secret (for me, at least) to the flattering underbust gathers is that they almost disappear once there’s a boob in there! It just makes the bust sit really nicely and not pull, rather than being a big focus of the pattern.

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