I had all these plans for going to cons and having costumes made and ready and then I had life slap me in the face in a major way. Health was one of the slaps so I have to slow down. I won’t stop sewing and honestly I don’t think I’ll be sewing any less. I highly overestimate how much I get done in a day.

I’m also joining the big Stashbusting Sewalong. I haven’t pledged anything but I’m in the mindset and I’m doing it. Though, honestly, you’ve heard me say that before. What ever happened to my Edwardian gown? Yeah, I’ve got projects lined up and I’ve got fabric to make stuff so I need to bust my stash.

I still want to show you my petticoat in it’s great splendor and my Pavlova outfit. All in good time. And I’m still doing the SwimAlong- a sewalong for swimwear coming in May and June, so stay tuned for that. You know I’m going to be talking about getting a great fitting bathing suit. You know it.

In the meantime, what are you sewing?