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I’ve been making more cake, aka every day, wear lately and I really needed some frosting. I have a sweet tooth in my sewing. A serious sweet tooth. I had been working on a full petticoat since Spring 2012 and just finally finished it. You know what urged me to finish it? The Pavlova skirt from Cake patterns.

I bought a yard and a quarter for a cape for my daughter and she didn’t want a cape so I put the fabric, sadly, in stash until Pavlova came out and it was still winter and I wanted to show winter that I was fine with it staying. I really thought that if I made a melton wool skirt that Spring would come quicker. Guess that reverse psychology didn’t work.

But the skirt did work.

Pink Pavlova front Pink Pavlova grill no meat Pink Pavlova poser Pink Pavlova side and back Pink Pavlova side view Pink Pavlova with grill

Pattern: Cake’s new Pavlova wrap top and circle skirt with sea shell pocket

Fabric: Melton wool from The French Seam in Indianapolis for the skirt

Rayon jersey for the wrap top from Vogue Fabrics

Size cut for the wrap top: I cut the size 40 because of my 42.5″ bust but didn’t cut down the back to a smaller size and so it’s a bit loose in the back but you can’t tell because it’s a wrap. You can tell the sleeves are a little baggy but I actually like them fine. I have fabric for another wrap top and I’m going to try a slimmer sleeve and cutting a smaller back size.

I cut the smallest size ties because I didn’t have enough fabric for the ties in my size and between the fabric relaxing and the general stretch of the knit, they can tie easily in back or, as you see in the pictures, in the front in a very cute little knot.

This rayon jersey is really drapey so I’m guessing that with a less drapey and stretchy knit I might cut the size 40 and get a slightly different look. Ah, the fun of sewing with knits.

Check the SewingCake site for more pics on how to do the collar. That’s the only part where I scratched a hole in my noodle but now that I get it, it won’t take any time at all on the second wrap I’m making.

Size cut for the circle skirt: I cut the 35 waist band and as you can tell in some of the photos, my skirt is kinda falling off. This is not the pattern’s fault. This is because I’ve recently stopped eating gluten and I’ve been losing weight. This skirt fit two weeks ago. I will be redoing the waist band to take it in. I spent a lot of time on it doing a hand picked zipper (you might have seen on IG), the home made 3″ wide horsehair braid I made out of bias cut crinoline and adding the purple binding that annoyingly looks blue in these photos. The fabric made me do it. It begged me to take my time and I listened. I’m glad I did but I’m definitely going for a knit skirt with a wide elastic waistband for my next Pavlova skirt. [Just a note: the pattern doesn’t call for all this fussiness with the skirt. It’s just me trying out new things.]

Also, because I had so little fabric to work with, I cut the shortest size which, as you can see, works for my 5’4″ stature.

I have been wearing my wrap top with my Gertie pencil skirts. It’s a perfect match. However, I need a high waisted pant/skirt/shorts or else I show tummy. I’m kinda okay with that but I really do like the high waisted everything. I really want to make the wrap top without the ties for a little sweater for Spring and Summer. I’m loving it.