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I showed you how I work my Weber in my Pavlova skirt but I wanted to show you how I wore it yesterday. In these pictures, you can also actually see that the binding on the skirt is purple, not blue. I fiddled with color on those other pics but I was defeated.

The purple mock wrap top is store bought. It’s made of organic cotton which reminds me I really need to sew with organic cotton. It feels so nice.


I also ripped out (carefully, of course) the home made horsehair braid, leaving the skirt with still plenty of body. I tried on the petticoat with my braid-free skirt and it still looked perfect. I’m still glad I tried the braid and I’m planning on using the stuff I made for a costume skirt that could use it.

At home, I only really wear shoes if I’m cold and while it wasn’t nearly warm enough to go shoeless, my feet were eager to be bare. The only thing I did was put on a hint of a pink lipstick for you.

I pulled out a black cropped sweater I knit 4 or 5 years ago to pair up with my skirt.


I knit that sweater out of vintage yarn. I believe it was a denim and something mix.

These posts of my outfits are just me keeping it real. I want you to see how an everyday look turns out for me, not just the fun theatrical finished object posts I tend to show you, though you know I love doing them. Hope you enjoy.