A Random Story of Not Sewing

Yesterday morning I put on workout clothes, went into the basement, which is also the kids’ playroom, and told myself I’d do some exercise on the stationary bike. There were two big boxes of Cake Patterns in the way that I already had told myself I was going to consolidate into one box and put in my sewing room. I figured I should just get that done so I went to my sewing room, also in the basement, and turned on the light. 

With the light on, I could clearly see where I left off from the day before. I had piles of fabric that I was sorting and I figured I should just finish the job. I put some in a bag for the second hand store and some went back in my fabric bins for later use. While in the fabric closet, I pulled out some more fabric I knew I was never going to use, even for muslins, so I added to the giveaway bags.

With most of it was organized I turned to the area under my cutting table and started picking up trash and random stuff. I forgot there was a bin of fabric under there so I pulled that out and started sorting it into giveaway and keep piles. I even found some challis to join in Lady Katza’s focus for April.

But, wait, I knew I had a pattern that would work with that challis. I went hunting for it which then led me to pair up more fabric with more patterns. I settled on some combos and was finally ready to move the Cake Pattern boxes into the sewing room.

But first I wanted to sort through the fabric I had for kids stuff and put that all in another bin. That was easy.

Cake Pattern boxes fit perfectly in the sewing room and the extra empty boxes were stored, until recycling day, in the laundry area…. which is where I saw all the shirts my husband had asked me to iron for him.

I plugged in the iron and ironed 11 shirts. I still have more to go. I’ve been putting it off for a long time. I’ll get to them next week. It was lunch time and the kids and I made food. In between all this, I joked on Twitter and laughed at my kids’ antics (underwear on the head sort of thing).

The day wore on and I got roped into other things and by evening my mind went back to the reason I went downstairs in the first place.

Right! The exercise bike.

8 thoughts on “A Random Story of Not Sewing

  1. Darlene says:

    It sounds like you got a lot of exercise anyway. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish on the way to doing something else. If I were you and PLANNING to do all that sorting, I’d have never gotten to it. I would have exercised instead. 🙂

    • Leila says:

      I get interrupted so much during the day…life with kids, y’know? I guess I just really didn’t want to exercise. I prefer doing that sort of thing outdoors or with people.

  2. Brooke says:

    Oh my gosh! You sound just like me! =) I seem to find motivation to do so many things around my home when I have something else that I really don’t want to do looming over my head.

    • Leila says:

      That’s exactly it! I actually use this motivation for the “other” thing to get sewing done sometimes. I’ll just put a harder project in front of me and then, all of a sudden, the easier project gets done.

  3. Mary in FL says:

    I know you’re not that old, but it sounded almost just like the joke where the lady goes to do something and is distracted at every turn. Who needs an exercise bike when you have stairs in the house?

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