These images are from Kazu Kibuishi’s book Amulet: The Last Council. It’s book four of a series.

The Hexagon Field is a puzzle the characters have to solve it to cross and continue on their adventure. I’ve thought of these images since I first read the book to my kids. I don’t think they were as mesmerized as I was but that doesn’t bother me.

With all the hexies I’ve seen my Twitter friends making, and my slow garment making as of late, I thought I should play around with a quilt top.

I have a Architextures fabric but no pattern picked out yet. I want something that isn’t too basic but not too complicated and that doesn’t use solid in the background.

What I’m saying is that I want to sew but I don’t want to sew garments so I should reset my sewing expectations as well as reorganize my sewing to do list. Wish me luck.