I keep going around in circles, trying to decide what to do with the quilting cotton Architextures line I have and I’m still mystified as to what I should do. Here’s a small roundup of projects I’ve found online that “should” inspire me and hopefully help me settle on a project.

I could do hexies like The Little Red Hen did.

There’s the Science Fair quilt pattern or The Local quilt pattern, both by the designer of the fabric line, Carolyn Friedlander.

Modern Quilt Relish made a beautiful quilt from Architextures leftovers.

Plum and June put together some ideas for using up her stash of Architextures. I’ll definitely want to use every last bit of the fabric I have.

I think I have a case of the “it’s too precious” accompanied by “I want to love it so it should be perfect”. How do I get rid of that feeling?

You know how? You wait and wait and search and search and ask all your friends for patterns until, one day, when it seems like nothing will satisfy your need for the perfect pattern, you find it. It must have been there all along! It’s by the designer.

I think I’m set now. Things that attracted me to this quilt are that it really does look like an aerial shot. When I was doing my undergrad, I had a class called “Cultural Geography”. The teacher annoyed me so much I had a hard time listening to him but the readings were interesting as were his aerial slides.

We’d spend time looking at aerials, drawing conclusions about what the people that lived there were like. What cultural assumptions could be made? It was interesting and since I graduated in 1999, it’s obviously left a mark.

Another thing that I love about this quilt is that it suggests you use different fabrics to create textures. I can use velvet or corduroy or silk or anything. This is exciting.

The easy decision now is what size to make. Well, easy compared to finding the pattern. I have one jellyroll and two charm packs. Anyone know what size I could make with that amount of fabric? Hashtag: quiltnoob.