Nova over at SparklySuperNova organized a gift exchange called Sewing Surprises. We were assigned a partner, though they weren’t the same person we’d be getting a surprise from, which I thought was interesting.

I surprised Sarah with…well, I’ll let her tell you all about it.

I got a lovely surprise from Laurie at SewExhausted. She sent me yardage of this floral print. I’m thinking a shirt dress. Yes, a shirt dress. I love it and that says something coming from someone who doesn’t do much in the print realm.

She sent me a really cool card which you can see below furthest left, a journal, middle, and she made me a fabric basket. I’ve always wanted one and I just never made one- crazy, I know! It’s just one of those things.


Inside the fabric basket, she also sent me some cool buttons, ribbon, beads and hem facing. I love it all.


This was officially my first swap. I can see why people get hooked on these. They are so fun. It’s nice getting a surprise box from someone you know from Twitter and the blogosphere, like I know Laurie.

Thank you to Nova and thank you to Laurie!!

Are you participating in any swaps or do you shy away from swaps altogether? Any swaps I should look out for?