Welcome to the SwimAlong!

Katie over at Kadiddlehopper and I are co-hosting a swimwear sewalong. We aren’t providing you with a pattern to make. Rather, we’ll be setting things up for you so you have the smoothest of times sewing your first swimsuit, swimmer, bather- so many great names to call these water bound garments.

When you see this banner above, you’ll know you’re in SwimAlong territory. I’ll also make sure to let you know when Katie has a SwimAlong post on her blog only, but really, you just need to follow her blog. She sews all the time and has some great tutorials you might find interesting.

For the SwimAlong, we’ll have guest posts on both our blogs as well as our own tips and inspiration for you. In two months, May and June, we can cover a lot but we can’t cover everything- hey, just like a swimsuit. If you aren’t seeing a topic you wish we’d talk about, leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s the schedule and what you can expect:

May 1 Katie & Leila Swimalong Welcome
May 3 Leila- Inspiration: Vintage look, 30s
May 8 Katie- Inspiration: Vintage look, 50s
May 10 Leila- Inspiration: Victorian swimsuits
May 15 Katie- Inspiration: Scuba Chic
May 17 Leila- Inspiration: Geek it out
May 22 Katie- Inspiration: Kid’s Stuff
May 24 Katie- Choosing patterns and swim construction resources
May 29 Katie- Choosing fabrics and where to shop
May 31 Katie- Notions
June 5 Guest Post! Brooke from CustomStyle: Process Guide for Creating a One of a Kind Suit (on Leila’s blog)
June 7 Leila- Flattering a full bust
June 12 Guest Post! Norma from Orange Lingerie:  Adding Support to your Swimsuit (on Leila’s blog)
June 14 Leila- How to choose and insert Swim Cups
June 19 Guest Post! Sarah from Musings of a Seamstress: Pro tips (on Katie’s blog)
June 21 Guest Post! LadyKatza from PeanutButterMacrame Swim Coverup (on Katie’s blog)
June 26 Show and Tell! (only if you wanna)
June 28 Wrapping up

At the end of the Swimalong, all these topics will have links to the appropriate blog post for your convenience. You can also visit my blog and us

We’ll be going from today till the end of June, which is when we hope to parade your makes. You don’t want to pose in your suit for the internet? We completely understand. We welcome all photos. Put your suit on your double or on a bed or on your head. We do have a private Flickr group you are welcome to post in. Why private? We thought it would help with fitting and showing off our work without the stress some might feel when posting swim pictures online. To join, leave me your Flickr ID and Katie or I will send you an invite. We value everyone’s privacy.

So, join in the fun. Grab the code below for your blog button and enjoy!

Three Dresses Project

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