Spring Daytripper Bag

I bought the Daytripper from Erin at Dog Under My Desk in early December. Over the next couple of months, I posted snippits of work on it here and there. I was so intimidated with the idea of making this bag. I don’t know why. You know I love her Wristlet (don’t forget the wristlet that started it all) and Two Zip Hipster patterns and they both came out really nice on my first try. Logically, I had nothing to fear. Her patterns and the detailed instructions she provides are top notch.

Each stage of construction has clear photographs that help you along the way. Erin has a knack for reaching out to those of us making her bags using different learning styles. She offers photographs. On the photographs there are key directions to the step and then she spells it out in words. Arrows remind you which way to sew for a perfect bag and before and after shots help you envision the process.

I’m not a bag maker so I really appreciate these kind of directions. I know I can make garments and I fit them and all that but making bags (as well as quilting) is a different kind of sewing.

Daytripper front Daytripper lime green zipper top Daytripper open Daytripper zippered pocket side Daytripper zippered pocket closed Daytripper zippered pocket open Daytripper from top Daytripper carrying angle Daytripper carrying

8 thoughts on “Spring Daytripper Bag

  1. Betsy says:

    Very nice, Leila!

    Dog Under My Desk is a great web site for bags. Made me think about what I could use to make a nice bag –if I were as productive as you are.

    Have some nice ‘day trips’ with yours.

  2. Brooke says:

    I love the fabrics and colors you chose for your bag! And the hand embroidered camera is the perfect decoration!

    It’s nice to make something like a bag every once in a while because it doesn’t have to fit anyone. =)

  3. Vicki Kate says:

    I love your new bag! That’s actually how I started sewing; with bags! I’ve looked at Dog Under my Desk patterns but haven’t taken the plunge yet… This is seriously tempting me!

  4. chuleenan says:

    It looks great! Congrats on finishing it! Nice use of color, especially on zippers. My default is to match zipper color to fabric as opposed to using it as color contrast. I like it!

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