Burda Trousers in Motion

I’m learning how to make pants. I started a pair maybe a month ago and I thought, based on the fit promises, that I’d be off to a great start but alas I stitched them up till the waistband, tried them on, took the side seams in, whimpered, and threw them on the WIP chair.

Then one day browsing Burda Style, I saw these interesting trousers:

click on the image to go to Burda Style

I’m guessing the blingy top caught my attention at first as well as the moon shoes but finally I saw the trousers. OoooOOoooo. I made all kinds of noises.

Look at the trouser off the leaning tower of model. Lots of details…but it was for leather and I don’t have any leather/faux leather nor was I eager to buy any to test out my pants fitting abilities.

I opted instead for a ponte knit from Michael Levine. I’ll let you know how it wears.

I like that I now own two pairs of knit pants. I know! I really just prefer trousers. Y’know, life office wear. Suitings, boucle…all the things that a stay at home mom “shouldn’t” wear. Bah! I laugh in the face of these rules.

So, here ya go. Pants!

Burda 124 Trouser ankle zipper detail Burda 124 Trouser balancing Burda 124 Trouser front detail Burda 124 trouser side back Burda 124 trouser side Burda 124 trouser sitting legs stretched Burda 124 trouser sitting

I know. I didn’t give you a pic of me staring straight at the camera. I figure if you saw me in person, most likely, I’d be doing one of these things. The fit isn’t perfect but it’s really close. 

To get the fit:

  1. Started with the largest size, a 44.
  2. Took in 1.5″ at the back crotch hook- though next time 1″ should be enough- which corrected the pattern for my very flat seat. 
  3. Took in the back seam by 3/4″.
  4. Took in side seams by 1″ all the way down to zipper.
  5. Took in 1/2″ at the inseams all the way down to the hem.

I did make notes on my pattern. Next time, I’ll make the darts shallower to decrease the curve I just don’t need there. 

Will I make this pattern up again? Yes I will! I do want to make these trousers in a stretch twill. I like the ponte but I see why I’m not a knit pants girl. I like the comfort but I like a more rigid pant in general. 

The Burda instructions were actually decent to follow. These trousers are sewn up with alterations in mind. I say that because the waist band is attached to each leg individually and then the crotch is stitched up, making an alteration much easier to do. I stitched up the crotch, joined the waistband and then attached it to the pants. Mostly because I was tired of reading the instructions. Bad stitcher. Yeah yeah. Lock me up. 

I have a stretch twill I got from Fabric Mart. I’m thinking it would look cool as these trousers. I’m going to wear this ponte pair and see how the fit works after they get worn a bit. 

What other kinds of fabrics would work well with this pattern? 

16 thoughts on “Burda Trousers in Motion

  1. Brooke says:

    That’s not “bad stitcher”, that’s “good costumer”! That’s how we always make pants for theatre shows, because you know they will go in stock and be altered a million times. =)

    Looks like they would be good in all kinds of fabrics as long as there was some stretch and they the fabric isn’t super thin or drapy.

    • Leila says:

      I didn’t do the Burda instructions seam, tho. 😦 I’ll probably want to alter these after the knit relaxes so I’ll have to take the waistband apart to do it. darn.

      I’ll keep my eye out for more fabric options.

  2. Heather Bee (@KnitNBee) says:

    I’m really liking this pattern in any fabric, but I know what you mean about liking a more structured pant. Think it would work nicely in a twill and heck you could probably make it up in some stretch wool suiting.

    • Leila says:

      I actually would like them in a good weight satin. I had some satin pants a couple of years ago. They don’t fit anymore but I loved wearing them. Add t-shirt and chucks and I’m set.

      I’d love to make these in a stretch wool suiting. Good ideas.

  3. SewLittleTime says:

    fab fit – good work #trouserclub (yeah i’m still not calling it #pantsclub, you guys are weird). denim would be cool and like the idea of skinnifying the leg and maybe shortening for satin cigarette pants? if i ever get to the stage of a good fuitting trouser pattern, i think i’ll just keep hacking it to make all the styles i’ll even need!

    • Leila says:

      lol! yeah, we’re weird. haha. Hey, as long as people get in touch and get fit help, I’m fine calling it whatever. 🙂

      You’re giving me some great ideas! Also, this same pattern has other design lines on it to make riding trouser: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/riding-trousers-122012
      all I have to do is follow the cutting lines for the riding pair and download the new instructions. Ace!

      I’m also all over the idea of making satin cigarette pants. This pattern is already pretty slim fitting so it would totally work well!

  4. Gjeometry says:

    PANTS!!! These look great Leila, what a nice job you did. I think they are very flattering on you. It’s funny, I’m not a fan of the skinny pant, that much and would have likely just ignored these, but they really look very good! I’m STILL working on my pants for Fearless February. Yup, I’m aware of what month it is. Hey, they are not going to spontaneously combust, they’re over half way done now.

    • Leila says:

      Thank! I’m pretty excited. I think the knit helps but I’m really glad I took out the back crotch. I’m totally not a fan of a skinny pant either but I think this might be changing my mind.

      Hey, you can always go back to your pants. I walked away from my pants so I wouldn’t do anything I’d regret- like call it names or anything. 🙂

      • Gjeometry says:

        Oh yes, I’m actually still working on my pants. There was a looooong break because the community centre sewing that I was attending, stopped for a bit due to the lovely volunteer ‘teacher’ breaking her ankle skiing! But, it has started up again, so back with the pants. They will get finished if it kills both of us! 🙂

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