In researching geeky swimwear, most of what I saw didn’t appeal to me. I’m not into wearing a bikini and I want to make it myself so the suits that have a specific print on them aren’t gonna work for me.

Sadly, this Tetris suit will never be mine. Nor will the game controller suit I found. The buttons were on the lower half of the body and, well, I don’t think I could wear the suit without giggling all the time. What’s the difference between that and me normally? Yeah, not much.

But, what about playing around with a Wonder Woman theme? I know this one is meant for a kid but I like the whole suit. I can even see it as a grown-up suit.

But, really, this next Wonder Woman suit is adorable and I would totally wear it.

For sale on Etsy by meshalo

I’ve never painted fabric but I’ve always wanted to and this Tardis swimsuit makes me want to even more. This woman is amazing.

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If you’re going for something inspired by a superhero or a game character, you can take their colors and colorblock your suit. All you’d need to remember is to keep track of which suit pieces need seam allowances and which pieces are which colors.

What kind of geek/nerd/hobbiest/misanthrope are you? Can you imagine the great conversations you could get into when going to the beach or pool wearing your nerdy swimwear?

Anyone have any geeky ideas you’re ready to try out?

UPDATE: How could I forget Kitschy Coo’s Wonder Woman suit? You rock woman!!