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Twitter can be such a magical place. One minute you’re talking about colors you like to buy, what “season” you are color-wise and then bam!, you get an email with a personalized color chart from Gillian.

Leila's colours

Isn’t that cool!? I’d say she’s got me pegged. What do you think? Is there a color she and I missed in this? A color I wear all the time?

What am I doing with this?

It’s helping me be realistic about fabric purchases. I often look and buy fabric I don’t end up using because it’s just not something I’d wear. Sometimes I try to go out of my color comfort zone but it’s a balance.

I’ve been window shoe shopping lately, trying to find some shoes that will work with the colors I have in my wardrobe. I’m trying to get out of my brown and black shoe thing. Or my “I need all the red shoes” thing.

Here are some shoes I’m looking at buying. Not all of them, though I did have quite the shoe collection before settling down with kids. I got rid of all of them. I don’t like holding on to stuff for long. Plus, there are always more shoes.

I’m using the color palette Gillian made for me to help narrow down the color choices. I’m also trying to imagine what clothes I’d wear these shoes with… though I’m not so good at that. I’m better at just buying all the shoes. If I don’t have an outfit for the shoes, I can always sew an outfit.

sold out!

I tried these on at a DSW and didn’t like them on. 😦

I know yellow isn’t even in my palette that Gillian created for me but I’m drawn to these colors right now, for Spring and Summer, more than other colors.

I’m loving this last wedge- Yes! I’m a wedge girl!- but with the city sketched in the side of the wedge. Squee!! I love them.

What’s your favorite kind of shoe? Are you all shoe’d up for Spring? Any new shoes your eyeing?