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Some of you already know that I help Steph with shipping Cake Patterns to those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s about time for another big shipment of patterns and I want to show you the Hummingbird skirt (orange view) and one of the new RiFF patterns from Cake, the Cabarita Top.

Disclosure: I didn’t get paid to sew these garments nor to blog about them. I sew them because I like sewing Steph’s patterns and I blog because I enjoy sharing what I’ve made. I did receive the patterns free of charge so you can take my review with a grain of salt, something you should do with any review.

Let me start talking about the skirt. Much like other Cake patterns, it’s customizable. You start with your measurements and connect the dots to create your unique pattern. The skirt sits just below the natural waist and is a quick make, allowing for a additional detailing. I went for the straight skirt since I knew I’d get more immediate wear out of it. I also went for a stretch denim. I haven’t worked with stretch wovens very much and I should’ve started with a smaller size but I did take in the side seams to fit it a bit better.

The Cabarita top has been one of those tops I’ve seen on Steph’s blog for a while now and I’ve been wanting to make it badly. Again with the customization! It’s genius. It is drafted with zero ease so I opted for my exact measurements. You can always choose negative ease or positive ease. My sleeves are the size that went with my bust size, fyi. I find them roomy- which I prefer. I’m always adding sleeve ease to the non Cake patterns I work with, so thanks Steph. I also went for the longer sleeve option. Love it. Keep in mind the RiFF patterns are still straightforward but the instructions are in text only. Even being a super visual person, I got through the pattern with ease and in only a couple of hours.

hbird and cabarita front arms up

Arms raised I get some pulling but it’s from the 0 ease. As you can see in the rest of the pics, the top is very comfortable. The striped knit is from Michael Levine Fabrics. No pilling so far.

hbird and cabarita full body front 

I love how the collar ends up looking in the contrasting knit. It’s a super soft rayon knit that I bought at Vogue Fabrics when I was up there a couple of months ago. I’m going to be washing this top on a gentle cycle to keep the rayon from pilling or otherwise getting too angry with me.

hbird and cabarita full body back

I love an interesting back. Actually this top gives you front and back interest. Even my husband had a big wow moment when he saw the back. The skirt you can hardly notice because it’s an every day skirt and it’s a solid, which you know I like. The stretch denim I also got from ML Fabrics.

hbird and cabarita crouch sitting

I’m showing you sitting down pictures so you can really see the skirt length. It’s easy to lengthen the skirt before you cut but just keep sitting in mind.

hbird and cabarita sitting hbird up close stitching

Hello pockets and topstitching! You’re gonna love the pockets. They come together in such a cool way. I’ve used a quilting cotton I’ve had in my stash for a year or more. It’s a nice cotton but sadly nobody but me will see it.

Hbird and cabarita back

The back, again, cos I can’t stop staring at it. The stripes come together in a chevron and with a little patience you can get them to line up perfectly. The skirt has an invisible zipper which has become by installation preference.

I completely plan on making these two patterns up again. The top came together easily and quickly once I decided on my size, which means you could even jump in without making a muslin- just don’t go for the nicest knit in your stash for the first one. I did and I’m not sorry. I’ve already been wearing this outfit a lot and combining the two pieces with other of my handmades.

If you want to buy these patterns, you can go to Steph’s Cake shop on Etsy (paper and download patterns), on Craftsy (download patterns only) or on PatternReview. These patterns have not been released yet but will be shipping as soon as we get them.

What other ways can you see making the Cabarita top? Mixing prints? Two different colored solids? All print?