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I bought the Archer pattern a week or so ago and I’ve been really excited to try it out.

Last night I worked out a first muslin. I did very little initially so I could see what I’d need to do. I started with the size 12 based on my high bust measurement. I did pin the tissue to see the fit and made a couple of changes.

-I pinched out 1/2″ for a sway back
-I shaved off 1/4″ for a forward shoulder
-On the muslin itself I pinched out an armscye dart which I duplicated to 0 on the pattern
-I added 1/4″ to both front and back from bottom hem to the waist shaping


Based on the muslin, I’m planning on:

-Adding bust room a la Sandra Betzina. Do you see the similar drag lines on my muslin?

This is how she shows how to do a bust adjustment. I like it because one version doesn’t add width.


-Add another bit to the back hip area. Maybe 1/4″ or 3/8″ to each side seams.
-I took out the pinch from the front armhole but didn’t take out the corresponding amount from the sleeve. I need to do this:

-Do I do a narrow shoulder alteration on the front? The alteration would look like this:

How does my muslin look? I’m willing to do another muslin so that I can have a well fitting TNT pattern.