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I got the back pleat right this time. hehe


Here are the first and second muslins side by side:


I tried to go with small changes so not to get ahead of myself.

Here are the new alterations:
1. Added 1/4″ to back hip seam allowances tapering it to the waist.
2. Fast Fit big bust alteration. I think I added 1/2″ but honestly I’m new to this way of adding to the bust and I’m not all that sure. I did end up adding to the width of the front but there’s a way to close up the front so you don’t have to if you don’t want or need it.
3. I did pinch out 1/4″ off the front side of the sleeve so it would match the armhole where I had pinched out some in the first muslin.
4. I raised the underarm of both front and back pieces by 1/4″. The front got that because I had done a forward shoulder alt on muslin 5. Then, I just had to match up front and back. I didn’t take any off the back shoulder.

It still pulls across the front a bit but I’m also wearing a foam cup bra that adds to my full bust measurement. I’m guessing with my other bra I won’t get the pulling.

I think I’m ready to cut into my gauze. What do you think? Would any other change be negligible?

Should I do a deeper sway back/flat butt alteration?