Sparkly Swap Package

Sparkly Swap Package

Nova at SparklySupaernova sent me this lovely package. Did you know that her Sewing Surprises was my first ever swap? Well, she did a great job coordinating it and I had so much fun that I’m in swap heaven.

Thank you Nova for giving me such a great first experience!

Nova sent me this lovely lemony scented lotion- it’s beyond awesome! So lush and creamy. Best cream ever! She also sent me my favorite black tea- Yorkshire Gold. I got hooked on it when I lived in Portland, OR. There was a (now closed) tea house downtown and they served this tea along with pastries with clotted cream and it was just a fun place to go.

Nova also sent me a hot water bottle. There’s no way she could’ve known that I’ve wanted one for years.

She also sent me cupcake liners (or cases as they are labeled) with UK flag colors. We put those to use the minute they arrived.

She also sent me a cute selection of buttons, pink nail polish, some lovely long necklaces and a black bow with a pin on the back.

Thank you so much Nova! Such a thoughtful swap. You can go see what I sent here in her post here.

Anyone getting hooked on swaps? A total sewcialist thing to do.

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