Cabarita Inspiration

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The Cabarita pattern – that top I just made – has me daydreaming. I love this top and I’m currently obsessed with figuring out ways to play with fabric with this top. Here’s an idea I’m mulling over, though beyond this one I’m at a loss.

There’s this black swirls mesh knit from Marcy Tilton

black swirls mesh knit cabarita idea

I’m scouring online fabric shops for stretch mesh knits and other sheer knits. If I go for a jersey I could also do the neck piece in a woven but then what do I do for the sleeve binding?

Any of you finding knits you’re falling in love with? I’m in a knit rut with what I’m reaching for- I’m only really going for dots or stripes. Not that there’s anything wrong with those but I want something else.

17 thoughts on “Cabarita Inspiration

  1. sewlittletime says:

    i can’t wait for this to arrive. i have the fabric already! i find it hard to find cute knits as the printed ones often look a bit cheap that i see. that fabric would be fab if you underlined the collar part in a different colour so you had the contrast but with the same overlayer. sleeve binding on contrast colour?

  2. CGCouture says:

    Ooh! I like that pattern and the sailor one a lot!! I also like the idea of the “drafting with guidelines”, Steph is just going to have to take my money. 😉

    Sorry, /distraction. 😉 I really like that fabric myself, and I’d probably just bind it with some black knit of a similar weight. What weight/type of knit does the pattern suggest? I’m guessing it wants something with a bit of structure? Have you ever seen a jersey batik? I have a remnant of some that’s orange, and it’s gorgeous. Something like that would be pretty cool. 🙂 I might even have enough of it to make this pattern up with careful placement, but it’s not my color, would a pinkish orange be yours?

    • Leila says:

      I love the way these patterns are designed a lot.

      I think you can use a lot of different knit weights. I used a jersey for my first one but with the bits of interfacing I think you could use light weight knits…I think.

  3. Susan says:

    YAY FOR KNITS!! Sorry, I’ll control myself. I find shopping online for specialty knits like you’re talking about (sheer, sweater, novelty, etc) really hit or miss. Prints too — they can be all over the board and I’ll find several in a row that I love, then nothing for months. I wish you could come down and go shopping here with me… We have a few independent apparel fabric stores that specialize in knits and they rock…

  4. Gjeometry says:

    Oh, wow, I love that swirly black mesh knit top! I have a lot of trouble finding knits that are not polyester and/or not a children’s kind of pattern (skulls, hearts, etc.). I don’t fabric shop online (yet – although online purchasing paranoia is waning), so I have only visited stores in my area. I’m sure there must be a much wider choice online.

  5. EmSewCrazy says:

    Finding knits is hard. Firstly finding a print I like, secondly finding it in a nice weight. That’s the only downfall of online shopping. Slowly I’m learning what to expect…

  6. Tiffany says: has a lot of really cool printed knit fabrics and mesh fabrics. they have all sorts of fun geometric and florals. I have bought from them a few times and they haven’t let me down yet. They have a really wide variety too. I hope that helps. (for mesh knit I typed in mesh, nothing useful came up when I typed mesh knit into the search bar).

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