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Up until late last year, I really only stitched up costumes I could wear at cons, building character wardrobes and the like- for fun. Then, I started sewing for every day and not in a costumey way. This week I wore my denim Hummingbird skirt and my Maggie London BCT top with a store bought cardigan and my friends’ shock at hearing that it was handmade made my day.

During Me-Made-May this year, I tried to follow along and wear as many handmade clothes as I could and I did fairly well. I’ve never had a ton of clothes to wear so repeats were bound to happen. What I did realize is that I don’t have transitional wear. I’m sorely lacking cardigans, long sleeves and in general, layers.

I have summer wear and some winter wear but nothing in between. Here are some ideas for transitional weather.

Cardigans from Simplicity 2560

The Karen Cardigan from BurdaStyle

McCalls Jacket 6519

For cardigans, I could also trace one I own and make a pattern. Changing the drape of the fabric (and print, if you’re into that) would change the look of the cardigan.

The French Seam here in town has St. John Knits and I’m getting some to make cardigans. They’re so lovely.

I’m also getting ready to knit a couple of cardigans. I knit a cardigan last Fall and it gets a lot of use. This year I’d like to make these two:

Marion will be in purple- thanks to SewBusyLizzy for the inspiration.

Click on the image to go to the pattern on Ravelry

Dahlia … I’m thinking in white. I have an old creme colored cardigan and I always need a white one but don’t own one.

click the image to go to the pattern on Ravelry

I also want to make more pants. I like loungey pants but not exercise/yoga pants. I wore them all thru college while getting my dance degree. I’ve done my time. I would like a drapey pant. Any patterns stand out that I should check out? Any of you seeing a cardigan gap in your wardrobe?