I often get so wrapped up in sewing- the plans, the pattern and fabric shopping- that I forget I like anything else. I signed my family up for a summer of bowling and I took my kids this week.

It was so much fun, as always. This prompted me to think about other things I enjoy that I don’t always make time for, including:

1. Reading comics
2. Knitting
3. Jogging
4. Going salsa dancing

There’s more but I’m trying to be brief. My point is that whenever I have time alone I tend to think that I need to be productive and sew.

In trying to enjoy my other passtimes, I’m starting by making myself aware of the things I like doing to see if knowing has an effect.

It might since I’ve started knitting again. Here’s progress on my Marion sweater:


And some comics I’m reading


And there will be loads more bowling!

Anything you’ve forgotten you like?